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About MurderMysteryFun 

MurderMysteryFun was founded in 2005 in response to the need for a new and innovative approach to murder mystery games.


There was certainly plenty of choice for adult games but what about games that were written specifically for children? We looked and found very little choice out there, either on-line or on the High Street.


Originally we created games for children in our family to play. With them in mind we were able to write for their age group, careful never to underestimate our target audience. We devised authentic murder mystery games that were fun and thrilling, whilst still respecting the age of the players. Yes, they may have wanted a murder but we gave it to them via an absent character who met their sticky end before the party began. We also decided to include a lot more activity in our games such as treasure hunts, clues, evidence sheets, accusation forms and lots to take home such as name tags and party bag certificates.


We launched the website with just four games They sold well all over the world. Encouraged by such a positive response we have continued to write more games. Each game takes about four to six months to develop, from the idea to finally appearing on the website. Each game is written, edited (up to ten times) and then thoroughly tested before it is ready for you.


We now have nine games available. Our range includes a younger mystery game (no murder), murder mystery games for children from age ten, family games and an older game for teenagers to play.


We pride ourselves at MurderMysteryFun on our personal service and attention to detail. We are always here to help, before, during and after your purchase and offer a service that you will love.


We are sure that you will enjoy playing the games as much as we have enjoyed writing them.

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