Frequently asked questions

Which game should I choose?

If you know how many guests will be attending, firstly take a look at the table on our Games page. This will help you decide which games have the right number of players for your party. Then look at the games in more detail by clicking on the ‘Details’ button for the game you like from our home page. Each box will take you to another, more detailed description of the game which should help you decide if that is the right choice of game for you. You will find a brief description of the game, its theme, number of players, whether it is suitable for boys girls, or requires a mix of both. There is also a list of characters and a recommended minimum age. If you have any other questions about the game that are not answered on the games page or here at FAQ, then please contact us.

How do the games work?

MurderMysteryFun games are fully scripted and very simple to follow. They run as a series of rounds, each revealing a little more about each character in the game and their potential motives for murder. Evidence is revealed and scripted questions are asked. In the final round each guest fills out an accusation form and explains why they chose that character as the murderer. There is also plenty of opportunity for more confident players to embellish their roles. Most of the games require an adult leader, with the exception of Hollywood Homicide.

What software do I need to view or print the Murder Mystery game?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or print the game. This can be obtained free at It may sound daunting but it’s really easy and we are always here to guide you through the whole process.

How much preparation will I need to do?

All the Murder Mystery Games are sent as one clearly numbered document. You will need to print it out and then we would recommend placing it in a file with dividers. You will need to read the document carefully and then issue the invitations, costume suggestions and character details. There is a bit of scissor work before the party and you may want to find or make a few simple props. We have tried to think of everything for you so that the game runs smoothly on the day without any hassle or worry for the host.

What if none of the Murder Mystery games exactly suit my needs?

All the Murder Mystery Games can be adapted to meet your individual needs. For example, girls can play boys and vice versa. They do have a minimum number of players but adults can join in to make up the numbers. If you have extra children to accommodate, they can always play detectives or members of security . They still get to join in and guess who-done-it! In our experience, if you ask 10 then 8 turn up. Some of the games are flexible on numbers, e.g. I Spy Murder can be played by 8 to 12 players and Haunted House by 12-16 players. There are larger games on the market but generally they contain, like ours, a maximum of 12 core characters or it would become very confusing to play.

What if I am not happy with my game choice?

Just let us know, we can exchange the game or refund you in full, no problem!