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Hollywood Homicide

A glitzy celebrity party at the Hollywood Towers Hotel is rudely interrupted when a baffling murder takes place.


For 8 players aged 14 and over.


Hollywood Homicide

  • Set in the glamorous Hollywood Hills, this is a tale of intrigue and murder!


    You will be invited into a world of celebrity with all its excesses. A beautiful young film star, Miss Cherish Adore, is poised on the brink of super-stardom as she gathers together a select group for a party at the creepy Hollywood Towers Hotel. Some of the guests are friends of Cherish, some are disgruntled Hotel staff and then of course the paparazzi turn up. 


    But the Hostess is fashionably late and when her body is discovered, a tale of greed, fame and tabloid tales is gradually revealed as the eight guests work together to discover which one of them ruthlessly killed Miss Cherish Adore!


    An edgier game for slighter older players. Comes with a voice file to play at the end to find out who the killer is!

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