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I Spy Murder!

Britain’s greatest spy, Agent Double O, has been murdered at a lavish reception in London. Can you find out who killed him?


For 8 to 12 players aged 10 and over.

I Spy Murder!

  • MI6 are hosting a lavish reception at their magnificent headquarters by the River Thames in London. All their top spies are invited along with a select list of guests including a Russian business millionaire, an explosive magician, an ex-enemy agent, MI6's gadget inventor and many more.


    When guest of honour, Agent Double O, England's greatest spy, fails to show up, it is up to the assembled guests to work out who amongst them is the murderer!


    Dress to impress. Formal evening wear is the order of the day.


    Password: MOLE (An MI6 code word for someone who passes secrets to the enemy in exchange for money.)

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