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Roman Revenge

Emperor Nero invites you to his sumptuous villa in the heart of Rome.  Murder is foretold and dark deeds unfold as you unravel an ancient murder mystery.


For 6 to 12 players aged 10 and over.



Roman Revenge

  • Take a journey back in time to Rome, AD64, an exciting but dangerous city at the heart of the Roman Empire. Imagine yourself at the table of Emperor Nero, a tyrannical and slightly mad Emperor who rules Rome with his unique mix of poetry and singing.


    You may be cast as a fearless gladiator who fights man and beast, or a brave chariot racer who hurtles around Circus Maximus. You may be a loyal slave or a powerful senator. You may even be a celebrity doctor!


    But remember these are murderous times and no one is safe. The fortune teller has foretold a hideous crime and before the party is over one of you will be uncovered as the murderer!

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